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We’d love to have you come and worship with us. Every Sunday at 10am

Sermon Series “We Are Family”

Victory Kids, “A Family Christmas”

Pastor Ben Weiss, “Creating A Safe Place”

Pastor Ben Weiss, “Strength In Weakness”

Pastor Ben Weiss, “Invitation”

Pastor Ben Weiss, “Food & Fellowship”

Pastor Ben Weiss ” Becoming People of Honor”

Pastor Ben Weiss “The Sweet Place”

Pastor Ben Weiss “We Are Family” Pt.4

Pastor Jerry Skinner Pastor Appreciation

Pastor Ben Weiss “We Are Family”

Sermon Series “One Another”

Love One Another

“Bearing With One Another”

“Edify One Another”

“Edify One Another Pt.2”

“Next Level Love”

“Forgiving One Another”

“Serving One Another”

Archive Sermons

Sermon Series “New”

“New” Part 1

“New” Part 2

“New” Part 3

“New” Part 4

“New” Part 5

New: House of Prayer

New: Worship

New: Higher Dimensions

New: Family Connection

New: Cultivate

Easter Sunday, “The Lord’s Prayer”

“Pentecost- Part 1”

“Blessing Sunday”

Other Messages

Pastor David Coffey

Pastor Leo Rodriguez

Pastor Ben Weiss “Suddenly”

Pastor Mike Larkin “Leading With Grace”

Pastor Ben Weiss “Speak Life”

Pastor Ben Weiss “God’s View of Money”

Pastor Ben Weiss “Unity”

Pastor Rory Frink “Faith With An Attitude”

Pastor Matt Brown “The Kingdom of God”

Pastor Steve Fiedler “Dare To Dream”

Dr. Randy Weiss “Occupy”

Bro. Lance Ford “The Gospel of the Kingdom”

David Overton, Glory Reborn

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